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5.8" x 4" LYFT Sticker

5.8" x 4" LYFT Sticker
5.8" x 4" LYFT Sticker

"LYFT" Vinyl Decal

Color: WHITE

Size: 5.8" x 4"

Material: Oracal Premium Vinyl

Graphic Longevity: 5 Years

Special Material!!! - Easy to remove even after 5 years!!!

FOR OUTSIDE Application (Choose normal print option) !!!

FOR INSIDE Application (Choose normal print option) !!!

Note: A clear transfer tape (or application tape) will be provided to help with the installation.

1. Clean surface and allow surface to completely dry
2. Peel back the paper backing from the transfer tape
3. Place the decal on the surface
4. Carefully using a credit card or your fingers to push down on the decals
5. Slowly remove the transfer tape away from the surface ensuring decal does not peel off with the transfer tap

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